Making of Brovada

The varieties of turnips used for the production of Brovada are those from the purple collar. And 'this ecotype selected over the years that encompasses the best features for excellent preparation of the product.

The turnips are sown in the period from late July to August, and then to have them ready by the middle of September. This date, in fact, is very close to the manufacture of wine by-products (marc) are not discarded but are reused for the production of this outline very poor but rich in traditions.

In this autumn turnips are harvested by hand or with the help of special machines;


are selected and cleaned of rootlets and leaves directly in the field of cultivation and subsequently brought into the company to be washed.


They are then placed in vats, alternating with layers of red grape pomace Friuli until the filling of the container is refilled with water.


The last layer must coincide with one of the marc, to form the so-called "cap". It is eventually pressed with weights to maintain a state of anaerobic and thus ensure the fermentation process.

It thus leaves to the nature run its course: the lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and acetic acid bacteria naturally present in the turnip and marc, find their favorable conditions for the implementation of the fermentation that will ensure the stabilization of the product and the production of typical aromas of Brovada.


Turnips are left in the vats for a period of not less than 40 days, that is when the turnip, cut in half, presents the inner part with a distinctive pink color, good aroma of grape and a sour taste without a hint of fresh vegetable.


Turnips are removed from the vats, peeled and cut into strips, packed in bags and ready for consumption.







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