Mansutti History

This dish, typical of our Region, was one of the main source of vegetable during winter time and combined with "muset" it was a fundamental energy supply for the winter dayly toil. Nowadays the traditional recipe lasts unchanged.
Turnips ferment in huge vat, alternate with red grape marc layers coming from "Collio Friulano" vineyards.In order to keep traditions alive and to preserve original brovada from generation to generation, this delicate process has remained untouched.


Our Company was founded by Giuseppe, father of the current owner Fulvio Mansutti. Giuseppe, born in 1929, used to seed by his own hands his 10 hectares of land, the way he always did and the way he was instructed by his ancestors

The farmed turnip were totally commercialized to produce Brovada, thanks to the particular shape and organoleptic characteristics (bittery and sweet) typical of Mansutti's turnips.





Through the years, settled all debts, the family started investments: they acquired tractors and expanded turnip cultivation into new lands. Since that time, Mansutti's agricultural Company was noticed for its typical friulian brovada, characerized by a unique flavor able to distinguish itself among the other competitor products. It was only in 1976, when Mansutti's family sold their farm animals dedicating all their efforts in the red turnip cultivation, that an industrial production started.

This is the way the Company, which nowadays represents one of the most important brovada produceers, was born.

The Company is now run by Fulvio Mansutti and by his son Luca (agricultural engineer). The production is greatly improved in time but always with the maximum respect of traditions, in order to preserve quality and taste. Mansutti Fulvio & Co has been first in line striving for achieving the D.O.P.






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